Hey, I am Lakshmi Narayanan (LN)!

Hey, I am Lakshmi Narayanan (LN)!

I’m a customer success leader with a diverse experience across multiple domains and a decade of professional experience in customer success, solutioning, support, and software development.

I was a part of the fintech unicorn Chargebee’s early-stage journey, where I helped ramp up the Support and Customer Success functions as an early team member.

I was also with Whatfix , working closely with Fortune 500 companies to drive digital adoption with my team of rockstar Customer Success Managers.

In my last stint, I headed the customer success team at Bureau.id , building their CS team from scratch.

I’m passionate about customer experience and engineering and love sharing my insights online through my blog and Customer Experience Tales newsletter.

Nowadays, I spend my spare time consulting startups and mentoring customer success professionals, helping them develop their post-sale customer strategy around customer support, success, and onboarding. I also assist them in defining company culture, devising compensation models for the CX teams, and providing early product feedback.

I’m also building micro SaaS and communities under Byteledge’s holding structure.